“All that can seen from outside is a big hole. Certainly it is a hole amongst other things, and a safe one.” “The ten passages which begin here, raised and sunken passages, vertical and rounded, wide and narrow passages, as the general form dictates.” “An entrance can deceive, can lead astray. So this entrance can well remain where it is.” “The columns must have stood on the fourth step, in which case one would have to descend a further step to enter…” “Some architect ought to settle this point definitely.” “Irregular rooms, rounded corners, inner courtyards, and staircases turn the house into one of domestic labyrinths.” “The method of segmentary acceleration or proliferation connects the finite, the contiguous, the continuous, and the unlimited.” “…they nevertheless operate within a territory beyond which they will not pursue it.” “They intervene to determine new couplings, and cause the proliferation of the series.” “…they can enter into innumerable polyvocal combinations, forming segments that are more or less near each other, more or less distant.” <mommy, daddy, [take] me [home]>