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As curator, the following segment in the chronology of this study presents manifold problems. CADE’s materials seem to lose their already tenuous cohesion altogether, with cause and effect becoming effectively redundant. But is that the point? The redundancy of cause and effect, a fundamental disunity which tears the cohesive body to shreds, as though the several parts of the organism had got up in revolt against each other. This body, through our observance of CADE’s treatment of his experiences, can be seen in every fragment of video, text, photograph or drawing inasmuch as it radiates from the city, each fragment constituting, at best, some part of this ‘Body Politic’, and at worst, a sliver-like memory of utterly useless moments, entropic chaff, zilch.

I have tried here to convey not so much the facts of the case, but rather the images which radiate off CADE’s London, partly mixed in with my own judgments regarding the composition of the archive – a factor which the viewer should always be very much aware of.

This note is to be read as a warning. Inasmuch as here we approach the immediate climax of the impending disaster, the viewer should take note that, if any credence may be given to the hypothesis ‘The Advent of Nihilism Means Nothing’, that the sudden decay in values witnessed by CADE may have slipped by the rest of us unnoticed. That we are all nihilists I am uncertain. But I suspect that it is the case.

Bettany ‘Nihilism’ Unction
Chief Curator & Nihilist

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