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Rodney Place SE17

Tuesday, lunchtime


Under different circumstances, this man might be capable of anything. Who knows what? He might flourish into a war criminal, a counterinsurgent or cannibal. He might be efficient in the looting of houses or in their defence from looters. He may not be very good at finding food supplies, but he may be good at finding people who are good at finding them, and may be willing to do anything to acquire those resources. He may find himself engaging in such practises that, under present conditions, he would find reprehensible and/or unthinkable.

Perhaps, unthinkingly, every small and insignificant act contributes towards bringing about this crisis - bring about the conditions under which these latent drives will express themselves.

[Note to self: Apply this logic to each and every person you see.]

Extract from CADE's journal #275, autumn 2012

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