Pasley Park SE17

The park drew me toward it, but refused to let me in. the gates were all open, it was unoccupied, but some part of me was denied mental access. I walked the perimeter fence, aware of the twitching curtains in the houses bordering the parkside, the patch of grass criss-crossed by desire-lines as if to mark some colossal (X) parenthesised by the fence and sentinels beyond.

Inspecting the bins at the entrance, I found nothing out of the ordinary; some litter strewn about looked incidental enough. There was no apparent urines or defecation marking the territory, (as I have seen in many areas nearby, such as up the estate on Empress Street,) and no other physical barriers than those installed by the Council. I observed several pedestrians attempt to cut through the park to gain faster access to Sturgeon Road on the other side, but as they walked up to the entrance each one of them suddenly diverted course and took the long way round all the way down Stopford Street instead.

Having nothing at all to go by, I decided to examine the rubbish bins for my own personal satisfaction. I discovered the remains of what was once a dog or fox. I then hobbled around to Chapter Road where I found a blind-spot away from the windows of the houses, hitched over the fence and into the park.

Inside the park, nothing looked out of the ordinary except myself. Taking care to move under the cover of bushes and thickets, I succeded in crossing the north face as far as the bench. Suddenly and unexpectedly becoming drowsy, I laid down behind a plane tree and slipped into unconsciousness...

I awoke to a loud bang. It was already dark, the orange streetlights barely penetrating as deep as my hiding-place. Four hours had slipped by, and the landscape seemed to have altered, like someone had moved the planes around upon which the buildings and park converged. The bang was evidently the result of a firework launched over the park. This was followed by a succession of bright flashes at which time it was possible to see the occasional pair of eyes at the edge of the fence. The flares lit up all the open ground in the park, but by good fortune my position was too oblique to be seen. Aware of movement from both ends of the park, I made clumsy diagrams in the dark of the locations of these two hidden groups.

It is my conjecture that some territorial dispute between two opposing factions is preventing access to the park via the normal routes. It is my conjecture that the factions, presumably the occupants of the two opposing rows of buildings skirting the park, are fighting for exclusive access to this territory and the meat that can be had here. They move in patrols up and down the perimeter looking for weaknesses, enforcing the borders of the territory and creating a vacuum at it's epicentre.

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