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1) This house has blocked up all its doors and windows.

2) These tunnel openings probably serve the housing estate in times of siege.

3) This house has been poorly camouflaged at street level, but from above it is practically invisible.

4) The domino theory of social collapse gains currency.

5) An old house serves as façade for a massive burrow entrance, leading to London’s largest network of tunnels spanning 17 hectares.

6) The occupants here forged legal documents and signage to make it look like their home was condemned. There are weird noises on the other side.

7) The high wall of an old building serves to make these apartments into an armoured citadel.

8) This house is under siege from the inside. Practically erupting garbage of all kinds, the occupants are being evicted by their own filth.

9) Another Chelsea penthouse to have been ‘weaponized’, so to speak - this time with Javelin Surface to Air Missiles. Source of weapon unknown.

10) Barricaded in or out? With some buildings it’s impossible to be certain.

11) Preparations for the night-time in Chelsea harbour. No damage is expected, but residents don’t want to see what goes on in the street after dark.

12) A show of support for a local Residents Association. Note the total absence of rubbish or disorder.

13) Walls are springing up everywhere across newly-disclosed strategic lines across the city, creating annexes, strongholds and checkpoints.

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