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December Journal Entries

Monday 13th: The Rim

When entering Wells Way via the north side bordering Albany Way, the territory is delineated by a line of broken glass scattered along the perimeter of the road and the pavement.

Tuesday 14th: Exits

12:05 At the corner by the park a car stopped in the middle of the road. Two men get out and start tending to the car.

12:37 The man in the white t-shirt tries to climb into the exhaust pipe of the car while the other man stands nearby and touches himself.

Saturday 21st: Stoppages

15:20 In the middle of a traffic island by the church I found that the pedestrian crossing lights have been ripped off the pole and are lying on the floor; the green man light has been completely removed exposing severed wiring. An automated flow control has been stopped.

Wednesday 25th: Anger

11:27 At the parking lot towards the south side where Wells Way forks off to Cottage Green, I notice the owner of the parking lot is eyeing me from behind an overturned car. For some reason he waves and runs ducking down between cars towards me. He is very excited and talks rapidly spitting on the nearby Fiat.

11:34 He tells me that every morning he has been finding parked cars under his watch vandalised, headlights ripped out of them or smashed to smithereens. The owner said that he has been “hit quite badly” by this sudden wave of criminal actions against his business, “cars get smashed up every night so that they can’t be driven out of the lot, making a huge pile up.” As the police failed to turn up he decided to guard the place tonight by himself; he doesn’t think he’s safe.


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