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Spatio-Mnemonic Residency #1


Nihilism - Self-awareness - Morality - Who I am


Enter the Residency

Enter the Residency


Residency Proposal:

I will approach this in the pretence that I am an academic. I will pretend myself to be a scientist or I am presenting the delusion of me being grander than I am, to hint I am a scientist or a professor of nothing really just know that I am the authority to my translation of the world.

Focusing my thought and research on the uncontested the obsessive interest behind expressions being, narratives and words and images, to try and define the intended from the unaware which speaks threw the work with no fault are intent; -

How does the unknown affect my words?

How many unaware words exist in life?

Can words be spoken from the aware mind purely and with out the unconscious purring in?

So how many of my words are truly self aware or is self-awareness its self a myth, as humans live in a unaware world and just react as we should to objects and images of objects. The persons we hold are self’s as being us seems but a memory, how can I be an aware artist if I live in the unaware world and react unaware to it?

Basically where is the balance in us between these two ideas of one self (these two make the one. Simplified). Where is the balance between the reactions and me? So this is me in my stand against selfhood. Me against the idea of the self. Anti self-aware, it is the want, which should never be wanted as it, stops the reactions from flowing with the fluidity that life needs. But I (the single person) want to have balance. Balance between me, the mind and my myself. I want to as an artist know myself but it could only stop my art if I was to realise what I am doing.

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