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by Kai Wang

15/09/2017 - 15/10/2017

Participation at The Unstitute grew from our online Projection Room - which amongst other things constitutes a visual manifesto for a nomad cinema. We are suitably delighted that our 4th Anniversary feature screening is the outstanding video Haunting Sound by Chinese artist Kai Wang. Expressed through the medium of an almost painful stillness, Wang's video hints at a richness within digital experience unseen and as yet barely explored.

"Haunting sound is my debut movie which I produced last year. The project started with my research related to visual culture and family values. The narrative is about the relation between memory and truth. In the movie, I created some subtle ways of conversation and meetings among the living, the dead and the strangers. I was curious if people's emotion of love and loss may be a game of time and space, and wanted to find out what is the meaning of physical representation of memory for people.
I utilized many documentary sources in this movie: daily recordings and photographs including Chinese rural folk, religion scenes, ruins and strange atmospheres. I tried to show a specific view and experience of time and space for people in the context of international environment. I think the possibility of the transformation between time and space may be the most attractive part." Kai Wang

Kai Wang is currently studying at Winchester School of Art, UK.

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