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Radical Insecurity (2011) by The Unstitute is a series of single-frame video images in which narrators, all modulations of a single voice, (but which depart from the locus of a fixed identity,) soliloquise on the unstable characteristics of their world. The loss of social standing, post-apocalyptic fantasies, suicidal ravings, inertia, drunkenness and schadenfreude combine into a comedic underworld of the colloquial tongue.

Taken together, Radical Insecurity is a theory which disputes the claim that the goals of society hinge upon increases in 'security', and that subversion of the comforts and stability afforded by contemporary life by a radically insecure perspective is required for the development of an intellectual conscience. That what is considered harmful to the individual, that which may be ascribed to the feeling of insecurity - such as despair, fear, uncertainty -  are to be re-thought as vital stimulans to a life which affirm these characteristics of the mortally existent subject, and thus affirms life all the more fully. As a tragic theory, the presumption of essential qualities of human nature is challenged, thus producing a 'radical' insecurity in self-perception upon which there are no firm ground for the human self to stand, implicating a Dionysian mask-wearing behind which there is no real self or real world, only a continual frame of appearances from which a mutable set of relative essences develop.