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Contemporary Art Writing at The Unstitute

#Strategies is our new online lab for writing at The Unstitute which offers a platform for writers to submit text which relates to strategic thought in contemporary creative practices; fictional, philosophical, autobiographical, theoretical, anarchical or otherwise. We especially welcome writing which stands in relation to the new paradigms/crises in technology, society, gender, race, knowledge and identity, and is willing to embrace them; AI, virtual worlds, generative or procedural writing, digital doppelgangers, micro-fiction, net-dérive or Twitter novel - it is precisely the hybrid which is the adaptation of the times.

We want to read your #Strategies. Our interest is to explore creative experiments across a dynamic range of topics, styles and ideas and to feature challenging, experimental texts in our monthly e-mail 'Zine to share with the growing digital community connected to The Unstitute, and also to archive permanently within the The Liebratory at The Unstitute.

To apply, please include the following into an email to theunstitute@gmail.com

Before submitting your text, please explore The Unstitute a little to familiarise yourself with our concerns and sign-up to our monthly art 'Zine to recieve content & opportunities delivered to your inbox.

We accept writing on the basis of merit, not professionalism or conformity to standards. We read in English, but accept texts in other languages, but ask for the original script plus an adequate translation, and we will print both if accepted.

We will maintain control of the overall presentation of the text in the 'Zine and the #Strategies archive, but please include any specific stylistic concerns into your email and we will endeavour to accommodate requests.

The Unstitute will not accept any work which is defamatory, sexist, racist or any other category of stupid.

*Please allow up to three weeks for a response. Unfortunately, individual feedback for unsuccessful applications is not possible, as The Unstitute is a very small team with a very ambitious schedule!