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"The sound of their wings is like a roaring furnace"

J-P Sartre ‘The Flies’

The project The Flies commenced as a video response to Sartre’s play of the same title in which the author’s philosophical concept ‘that one is condemned to be free’ is adapted to the ancient Greek tragedy of Electra and Orestes. What we get in the play are the two outcomes of an action; remorseful Electra who succumbs to the furies/flies, and Orestes, who affirms his action through his own morality: “There’s no power to make me atone for an act I don’t regard as a crime” - and if you question the logic of the Furies of remorse you are irredeemably lost, the action is negated. The Furies swarm around the characters as innumerable flies, waiting to feast on the juice of the dead meat, dead because to repent is like looking back on the irreversibly dead moment wishing to go back.

The Flies of this video series hover around the dissected, fragmented body. The call of the Furies awakens these dismembered characters, giving them voice.

As in Meta Morph through the expression of Ressentiment (remorse) and denial the mouth awakens and becomes a negating mechanism, an insatiable chasm into which the world around it is sucked in, silencing it.

In 28 teeth become locked into a mechanical system, a system without nerves which transgresses into another territory through an identification with an inorganic system.

In The Protest, the submissive voice metamorphoses through the recognition of Choice (in Sartre’s definition) into an active force which reasserts itself. The Furies are silenced as a useless negating force in a new configuration of hierarchy.