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by Tom Estes

Archive Fever engages in the obsessive and electric intensity of attraction-unto negligence within a luminous atmosphere of inventive magic. Wry, touching and finely rendered, yet reminiscent of degenerates and suspicious characters, the work charts the sensuous and unbelievable strangeness of intimacy within the backdrop of urban alienation."
The video Archive Fever is about 'anonymity'- which is generally considered to be a blanket term for members of certain Internet subcultures, or as a way to refer to the actions of people in an environment where their actual identities are not known.

Read an in-depth interview with Tom about Archive Fever on Mnemoscape.

About the artist Long before the term 'Fake News' became part of the public lexicon, Tom Estes was exploring 'The Digital' as a shaping condition and a structuring paradox. For him, ‘fantasy’ and ‘illusion’ are not a contradiction of reality, but instead an integral part of our everyday lives.

Tom's work has been hung, played and performed in a few of the world's right places and a couple of deliciously wrong ones. He regularly worked with collectives such as The Red Velvet Curtain Cult and Art Evict and Art Pendeo in the United Kingdom as well as The Biennial Project from Boston in the U.S.A. His work has been presented internationally at exhibitions such as the opening night of The London Art Fair, AXIS International in Chicago, at Tate Modern’s exhibition No Soul For Sale. His work is in several major collections such as The Agency of Unrealized Projects (AUP) at The Serpentine Gallery and The Tate Modern's archives.