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by Francesca Fini

This video is the output of Francesca Fini's performance SKIN / TONES. During the live performance she scans her body with a digital microscope. The custom software created with Isadora, then calculates the average color of each segment of skin, transforming the data flow into generative live sound and video (the different sounds and samplings blend and mix exactly according to the mix of red, green and blue, that is, the RGB code that is recorded in real-time by the microscope). The visuals are the result of the image coming from the microscope, processed into mesmerizing kaleidoscopic renderings, turning even the smallest imperfection into live art. Scars, wounds, benign melanomas, wrinkles and stretch marks become mandala, crystals, jewels.

The performance plays ironically on the concept of biometrics, as the study of that system of variables that could allow reliable identification of individuals, through fingerprint, retina or iris recognition devices, conversely celebrating the chaos, the mistake, the unpredictability of individual identity. The color of the skin, analyzed by the microscope lens and processed by the digital flow, becomes an endless and unpredictable variety of green, red and blue combinations, loosing any possible connection to the Cartesian, narrow and separative reality visible to the naked eye. As well, under the digital microscope, the female and the male bodies lose their sexual identity. SKIN / TONES is a visual and sound celebration of the always expanding and borderless cellular life.


Francesca Fini is an artist working with new media, experimental cinema and performance art. With in-depth training as a digital artist and filmmaker, she has worked for 15 years in the field of TV production: as production coordinator for the 21 episodes of "Alfabeto Italiano (Italian Alphabet)", for Làntia Cinema and RAI3, for the series "Senza Fine (Endless)" with Gualtiero Peirce, also for RAI3, as writer and director of three creative documentaries, currently offered by the platform "On The Docks". In 2000 she met the American artist Kristin Jones and collaborated with her on the project "Tevereterno", creating installations for the city of Rome. Along with Kristin Jones, Kiki Smith and other international artists she participated at the 2008 River to River Festival in New York, projecting her film "Moon Loop" onto the trees along the Hudson River. From that moment she orients herself in a decisive manner towards experimental film and video art.