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by Jeremy Gluck

Jeremy Gluck is a UK-based expatriate Canadian digital fine artist. The founder of Nonceptualism, currently he is developing collections of memes entitled 'The Human Beings', ‘The Unbeings’ and ‘Nonceptualism’, the latter referring to the manifesto he has authored, Manifesto of Nonceptual Art. He primarily focuses on capturing a snapshot of human consciousness through the utilisation of digital media seeking to explore the traditional hierarchy of how art is perceived. Gluck's most recent work reflects the powerful dichotomy, which exists between the narcissism of the digital age and the need for a stark on the post-millennial landscape. Through the utilisation of a raw typography and a monochromatic palette, Gluck invites the audience to consume less and engage more, therefore negating the idea of art having a literal presence. Gluck’s art has its own reality in that existing spatial notions of depth are destroyed. His work ultimately seeks to remove scarcity and create the democratic through works that are intrinsically recognisable. Using video, text based art and memes as an organisational element, Gluck’s visual vocabulary captures the instantaneous nature of everyday digital existence, whilst retaining an undeniable visual intensity. Redolent of Kasimir Malevich, Frank Stella, Gustav Metzger, Duchamp and the Bauhaus, Gluck utilises repeated form to delineate and unsettle – creating a critical space for the audience to question the fast-paced consumption of reproducible modern society.