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by Andrey Ustinov

Over the course of a year (2015-16), I searched for free, functional sockets in and around the city of Cologne. I photographed each find using GPS, making it possible to enter their exact locations onto the Google-Map. The final result was a listing of 100 230V-sockets available all over the city. The sockets are numbered and supplemented with brief descriptions. Each photo was shot in the night, using a floodlight. The light was powered of course, by the very socket being photographed. Thus, each photo depicts a closed circuit comprised of a socket, illuminated by a floodlight, which is powered by the socket.


Andrey Ustinov was born in 1975 in Luga, former Soviet Union. 2003, I moved to Germany, where I graduated from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. My site-specific works, performances, and media art projects deal with such topics as subjectivity, property, resources, and power. I have participated in numerous international exhibitions, biennials, and festivals, among others, the 1st Prague Biennale (2003) / Czech, the 50th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (2004) / Germany, Rendez-Vous Lyon (2008) / France, Flaherty NYC at Anthology Film Archives (2013) / USA, Media Art Biennale WRO' 2017 in Wrocław / Poland. I currently live and work in Cologne / Germany.