[dis]Corporate Bodies: Undermining The Institution



DATO MIO (lives and works in New York, USA)

Video: 'Manufacturing A New Value System For Harlem 70'


Manufacturing a New Value System for Harlem is a project about the gentrification of Harlem and includes photography, video, text, and performance. I have completed over 100 videos. The videos include spaces in Harlem and words I collected in the area. For video #70 I used the words I found to say the following: Making a slave generation building on the false premise of liberty and improving Harlem and the world.

Dato Mio
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ILICH CASTILLO (lives and works in Guayaquil, Ecuador)

Video: 'The Things'


Strange transformations are generated in the credits of John Carpenter´s 1982 film "The Thing". As the seconds go by, reading becomes more difficult due to the progressive mixing of the names to the point in which nothing is recognizable. The copy-paste of the credits from Christian Nyby´s (or Howard Hawks´s?) 1951 film "The Thing From Another World and Matthijs van Heijningen´s 2011 remake of the prequel, have been infiltrated in this video generating glitches, that end up fusing the identities of the cast members of the three movies aforementioned. The suspicion syndrome surrounds us.

ilich clastillo

Review Of 'The Things' in French
Ilich Castillo's Blog


RALPH KLEWITZ (lives and works in Kuching, Borneo)

Video: 'WZ56_Docu1'


The topics of my artistic practise and research in fine arts raise cultural, ethical and political questions and I negotiated those in various geographical contexts with meaningful and meaningless; intangible and tangible contents.

A documentary footage starts with a fade-in shot of a bookshelf section in a public bookstore. The presented books are mostly monographs and biographies of public figures; some still alive, others passed away. Occasionally, customers and staff members walk-by the display. The video then fades to black. The audio track is comprised of ambient sounds such as the store’s background music, people’s conversations and action noises.

Ralph Klewitz

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SAMUEL STOLTON (lives and works in London, UK)

Philosophical essay: 'Aesthetico-Ethics'


Sam is a writer and editor from London. He is the founding director of the journal of Philosophy, Poetry and Politics, Inky Needles, and also an editor for the online poetry platform, Poejazzi. He is currently studying for a Masters in Contemporary Literature, Culture and Theory at Kings College, London.

Sam Stolton confronts the oscillating cycles of an aesthetic transmissibility in late capitalist discourse networks. The condom, the teacup, the window – the design of these modern furnishings are constituents in (un)ethical normalizations and social customs. Stolton calls for a comprehensive overhaul of such product-formations and meaning-giving-references subsequent to perceptive engagements, in order to accustom society to a discipline of aestheticism more attuned to ethical practices.

Inky Needles

Aesthetico-Ethics Essay


DARRYL LAUSTER (lives and works Arlington, USA)

Virtual Archive: 'Samuel Gray Society'


The Samuel Gray Society is an autofictional project inspired, in part, by the increasing level of scholarship and activity in the field of Micro-history paired with the increasing level of established journalistic bias and partisan revisionism embedded in our modern media. My strategy appropriates common research modalities and presents visual archives to selectively insert particular and eccentric information into a dialogue based on the discrepancies between truth and myth. This project involves two significant undertakings. The first is the collection and publication of scholarship regarding relevant aspects of 18th century American history. The second is the continued management and expansion of artifacts housed in the SGS visual archives. The website is presented in an academic, encyclopedic, yet subversive manner that supports thoughtful questions regarding contemporary or historical analysis, while critiquing unexamined signifiers of faction and sloganeering disguised as legitimate information.

Samuel Gray Society



TIM MILLER (lives and works in London, UK)

Video: 'Interview in Progress'


[dis]Corporate Bodoies presents extract from Tim's video 'Interview in Progress', which will also be featured in its entirety in the October-November 2014 screening at The Projection Room.

Tim's work in video and performance aims to develop a discourse around the re-scripting and commodification of reality in a networked society of design, media and education. Within this enquiry, there is particular interest in the objectification of possible realities and how this may influence subjective ideology and the subsequent construction and performance of the self.

‘Interview in Progress’ constitutes documentation of a training model developed in collaboration with a role-play training company that examines the construction and commodification of the self within job interview scenarios.
Through the medium of film, a forum-theatre training performance is played out as a potential manual for re-scripting behaviour. Actors, acting out the possible realities of audience participants, on-stage, objectify and display increasingly dramatised answers as responses to standard job interview questions, aided by a panel of screenwriters.

Observed by and based upon real experiences of audience participants, the re-scripted answers witnessed on stage examine the possibility of obtaining employment through models of narrative-based self transformation. Commenting on the objectification and communication of possible realities within contemporary media practice, viewers of the film are exposed to an applicable methodology of re-scripting and offered the opportunity to reflect upon the value of truth and entertainment in a world of self-improvement media and education.

Tim Miller



GERALDINE GALLAVARDIN (lives and works in London, UK)

Video: 'Marcel Duchamp and Georges Braque arguing at the footsteps of Tate Britain'


This impromptu is a tribute to Marcel Duchamp's "Nude descending the staircase N2" (1912) and Georges Braque's "Women with a guitar" 1913 paintings.

Through experimental sounds, dance and movement with an acoustic guitar, I tried to embody both paintings. The idea of the argument at the footsteps of Tate Britain is questioning the status of the Museum. Also both artists went in different directions with their art works.



ROBERT S. LISEK (lives and works in Warsaw, Poland)

Video: 'Quantum Enigma'


Robert is an artist, mathematician and composer who focuses on systems and processes (computational, biological, social). He is involved in the number of projects focused on radical art strategies, hacktivism and tactical media. Drawing upon conceptual art, software art and meta-media, his work intentionally defies categorization. Lisek is a pioneer of art based on AI and bioinformatics. He also explores the relationship between bio-molecular technology, code and issues arising from network technologies by combining his DNA code with codes of viruses and recently by testing influence of radioactive materials on biological entities.

Project poses fundamental questions concerning randomness and computation. Nowadays, many procedures based on simulation of random processes lie at the basis of practical applications in banking, stock market, games, in security systems etc. Main goal of project is generating totally random sequence of numbers by using quantum processes from decay of radioactive materials as Thorium. This sequence is great cryptographic key that can not be break by any intelligence agency.
Generating random numbers is not easy. People are extremely bad at generating random sequences. People behave in a mechanic and repetitive manner. Human brain aims to conceive reality within periodic sequences and patterns. The existing computing machines don't generate random sequences; the so called pseudo-generators of random numbers are periodic. This is way the project deals with quantum level randomness from decay of radioactive materials as Thorium. Quantum mechanics is believed to be fundamentally non-deterministic and it shows that randomness operates on certain level of our reality.

Image courtesey of Emilio Vavarella


JESSICA GREGORY (lives and works in London, UK)

Short stories: 'Spoil', 'Trespass' and 'Steal'


Jessica Gregory is a writer from London. She studied Cultural and Critical Theory at Brighton University. She is Assistant Editor for the journal of Philosophy, Politics and Poetry, Inky Needles, and also writes her own blog Degenerate/s.


Jessica’s work takes on the theme of [Dis]corporate Bodies through narrative. This project encompasses a turn away from her more theoretical writings to an experiment in fiction. She has previously explored the Urban through Cultural Theory, but the openness of this project allowed her to extend the barriers of her writing. These three stories explore small scale act of transgressions, acts that buck the trend of corporate subservience. The individuals involved in each story explore disobedience through the means of spoiling, trespassing and stealing. The text is prose like, fractured into two perspectives, that of the anti-hero and that of the environment. Together they weave a picture of affirmative action in repressive or regulated space. All three are loosely tied around the subject of the office and its disintegration, reflecting on the progress of time through consciousness and matter.


JAMES LUCHTE (lives and works in Wales)

Essay: 'The wreckage of Stars: Nietzsche and The Ecstasy of Poetry'


James Luchte is an expatriate American philosopher, author and poet based in the western territory of Wales.

He is on the Board of Advisers of the Nietzsche Circle, a global philosophical community, based in New York. He is also a contributing author to the Continental Philosophy Bulletin Board.

His books include: 'Of the Feral Children: A Mayan Farce'(2012), 'Early Greek Thought: Before the Dawn' (2011), 'The Peacock and the Buffalo: The Poetry of Nietzsche' (2010), 'Pythagoras and the Doctrine of Transmigration: Wandering Souls' (2009), 'Heidegger’s Early Philosophy: The Phenomenology of Ecstatic Temporality' (2008), 'Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra: Before Sunrise' (2008), and 'Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason' (2007).


Essay: The wreckage of Stars: Nietzsche and The Ecstasy of Poetry

'An earlier version of this essay was written as a contribution to the Nietzsche Circle's Archive of online essays. This current version was translated into Chinese and published in the Chinese Social Science Quarterly in 2011. This is the first time this version of the essay has been published in English.'

James Luchte's Blog

For a closer look at his books, please visit his author’s page at Bloomsbury or Amazon



ANNA FC SMITH (lives and works in Wigan, UK)

Video: 'Against The Dark'


Anna FC Smith studied Critical Fine Art Practice at the University of Brighton, graduating in 2007. She has exhibited her art internationally and has had two major research projects with supporting solo exhibitions to date, 'Harry Hill's TV Burp as Carnival' 2012/13 (London/Wigan/Leigh) and 'Purring - Sport of The People', 2013/14 (Wigan). She is also a curator. Running Northern Arts Collective (previously NXNW Festival) from 2007 to 2012. She was assistant curator at Birth Rites Collection (2010-2011), where she curated a symposium discussing 'Birth in Contemporary Art', held at both the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, and the Whitechapel Gallery, London. She now lives and works in her home borough of Wigan.

Smith's practice is concerned with uncovering or pinpointing rites, rituals, carnival and communal activity, seeking to identify the similarities between these historical and contemporary events or rediscover historic rituals and understand them within a contemporary context. Specific subjects dictate the media Smith uses to translate and transmit the echoes of tradition and relate it to the now. The phenomena she is interested in are the social activities developed to express elements of human existence; these are mechanisms utilised to punctuate, celebrate and lend meaning to life, such as seasonal festivals, folk rites, gang cultures, protest movements and social obsessions. Smith appreciates the chain that links us to our predecessors and the fundamentally unchanged reality of humanity.

'Against The Dark' uses contemporary footage of residual British customs from the period of Samhain (the Celtic term for the Autumn and Winter period). The festivities include multiple Bonfire Nights, Halloween, Allendale Tar Barrelling and a number of mumming plays. These rituals are residual acts of ancient folk rites performed to fight back against the literal darkness of the winter and the perceived dark evils thought to rise at that turning point of the year. The mass of these acts demonstrates the audacity and impudence of humanity in the face of literal and psychological darkness of night.

Anna FC Smith

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JOSH WEISSBACH (lives and works in Connecticut, USA)

Video: '106 River Road'


106 River Road connects the recorded document to the generated artifact, which move together upon a two-way timeline between the literal and the abstract.

"Employing experimental and nonfiction filmmaking techniques, the entirety of my cinematic project examines themes of spatial wonderment. Originally, I focused on the tenuous relationship between the intimate and the uncanny within domestic space. Central to this process was an investigation of the visual agency of the built form and the manner in which it implicated a history of familial trauma. In my recent work, such as the latest installments of my ongoing series The Addresses, there has been a subversion of the built form. I have also begun to also begun to consider natural spaces that are defined by the vitality of matter and its transfer of force. In much of my work, I have explored formal strategies that alter the composition of a frame physically constituted by film grain. Lately, this approach has shifted, placing an emphasis on the texture of video pixels within appropriated, digital imagery."

Josh Weissbach is an American experimental filmmaker. He currently lives in a house next to an abandoned village in Moodus, Connecticut with his wife, daughter, and three cats. He received his Master of Fine Arts in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, as well as his Bachelor of Arts in Film-Video Production, Photography, and Cuban Studies from Hampshire College. In 2013, he co-founded Microlights, a screening house specializing in avant-garde film and video based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has shown his 16mm films and digital videos in film festivals, microcinemas, and galleries domestically and internationally.

Josh Weissbach

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JONATHAN TRAYNER (lives and works in London)

Video: 'Tansitional Phase'


Three interlinking subjects; a man shaving his head in front of a stove, the same man with an ape mask dancing alone on a beach, and a gorilla in a zoo enclosure are woven together to suggest a story of human alienation from nature.  Continuing the tradition of silent cinema the narrative is provided by inter-titles with musical accompaniment provided by Bill Kenny of Kleinzeit and Men of Good Fortune.


Jonathan Trayner

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