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At the end of 2016 in the wake of Brexit, The Unstitute undertook a continental shift from England to Catalunya, Spain. The protean forms gathered inside this nomadology of the interior is an exploration of consciousness through the pain of homelessness/unhomeliness, entering psychic territories of the unknown in the absence of the mother tongue.

Our medium is Reality...

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I got this pain, see. Right here - down here, in the landscape. I tried to get rid of it - course I tried to get rid of it - god knows I tried to get rid of it. But you canít get rid of yourself, can you?

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Mutating Forms in Purple

I had this dream about it. It was like this horrible, purple landscape, and I was in it like, and like, all the shapes of things - like the mountains and the rocks and the trees and all the things, they was all purple like, but they wasnít all staying still or nothing, no, they was all, sort of, mutating, if you know what I mean. They was mutating, but I was staying the same...

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TRANSPARENCY is an improvised video from the series 'S'Pain', which explores the emotional landscape of nomadic living in the digital age. A mundane argument between husband and wife in the bedroom is given a digital caress into which the recorded occurrence becomes contrived movie scene; conversation is deconstructed into rhythmic electrical sound, the image of self reflection becomes a portal into which the discarded everyday occurrence is rehabilitated into digitally constructed reality.

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Fear Ungine

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Tivenys01: Study with a Dog

The Unstitute has wandered between geopolitical boundaries and trespassed through linguistic regions before commencing construction of an experimental new site in Catalunya. Tivenys01 represents a descriptive line of territorial investigations in the tiny village of Tivenys - our new centre of investigation - excavating new openings through which The Unstitute can explore the extra-territorial existence of nomadology, encapsulated by the Catalan tongue.