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Contemporary Art Writing at The Unstitute

#Strategies is an online lab for writing at The Unstitute which offers a platform for writers to submit text which relates to strategic thought in contemporary creative practices; fictional, philosophical, autobiographical, theoretical, anarchical or otherwise. We especially welcome writing which stands in relation to the new paradigms/crises in technology, society, gender, race, knowledge and identity, and is willing to embrace them; AI, virtual worlds, generative or procedural writing, digital doppelgangers, micro-fiction, net-dérive or Twitter novel - it is precisely the hybrid which is the adaptation of the times.

Our interest is to explore creative experiments across a dynamic range of topics, styles and ideas and to feature challenging, experimental texts in our monthly e-mail 'Zine to share with the growing digital community connected to The Unstitute, and also to archive permanently within the The Liebratory at The Unstitute.