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by Jack Ashley

The language that travels through suburban England warps and develops nuances as it moves. Embedded amongst this travel, all too often, is political influence, personal preference, prejudice and the fleshing out and normalisation of hatred.
This film plucks this language out from its warped upstream movements, and projects through it onto the banal interior landscape that its speakers call home. Becoming an exercise in looking and listening, towards not only speech and objects, but of the oblivious idiosyncratic nature of soft racism.

Jack Ashley is a filmmaker born in Romford in 1993, now living and working in London. In 2016 he graduated in BA Fine Art: Sculpture from Camberwell, University of the Arts London. His current focus as a filmmaker revolves around absurdities found in his family history, humour and underlying mysteries of everyday life. Through working closely alongside the landscape, objects and sounds of his childhood Ashley's concerns involve highlighting banalities of suburbia and the oddities to be found once examined. Much of his previous work utilises family members as actors, subjects of documentaries and as archaeology and investigative subjects with narratives which are slowly uncovered by the artist.