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by Fari Bradley

The audio in this film is composed of intimate interviews made live in a radio studios on the FM frequency in London. Iranian artists and writers from the diaspora discuss theirs and family's memories and experiences of living in and returning to Iran. The archival footage I was permitted to use, is a picture of Iran that does not exist any longer. This work has not been screened really, as I have concentrated more on the sculptural, didactic and performative sides of my practice in recent years, living and working in the Middle East.

To me memory is a shared pool, or prism through which we see ourselves and through which we empathise with others. Iran in 1979 became a completely different place and the Iran of pre-79 disappeared everywhere but in the mind's eye.

Fari Bradley is a sound artist born in Iran and based in the UK, who uses broadcast and the interview as a research medium as well as a material form in her practice.