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Thomas Kuipers

(lives and works in The Netherlands)



On january 29th of this year, a 19 year old man hijacked the dutch news broadcast of the NOS, the biggest news broadcaster of the Netherlands. He got into the studio with a fake gun, demanding air time to broadcast a message that, according to him, would concern everyone- but it never got to that. The security guard he took hostage on the way in lead him to an empty studio, where camera's were rolling and the microphone was on. Meanwhile, the NOS building was evacuated, and screens went black. For the first time in 60 years the channel did not run the 8-o clock edition of the news. The word spread fast, and the absence of the news became the new news. 

ThomK Website

Aaron Tan

(lives and works in London, UK)

DENIM / Video


My moving image practice is occupied with the possibilities of affect as a way into interrogating, reconfiguring and assembling subjectivity. More recently, I have been interested in how art can critically inhabit spaces of technological reproduction with the Internet. I was born in Singapore and am currently based in London.

Aaron Tan's work online

Lara Jacoski

(lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand)



Director: Lara Jacoski; Co-Directors: Andrew Sawyer, Marina Velez and Samir Chadli.

Progress is a video piece made by four international artists, Andrew Sawyer (UK), Lara Jacoski (BR), Marina Velez (ES) and Samir Chadli (MA), that hopes to draw attention to the changes inherent to both cultural and environmental development. Working with discarded construction material and found pieces of traditional Moroccan tiles, the artists want to address issues related to what is gained and what is lost through economic development and how developing countries can face the challenges of growth and changes of identity. This is synthesised in the work through a choice of colours, pace, sound and themes. In this collaborative piece, produced during Terre Sans Frontiere Casablanca 2012 event, the artists tried to approach the change of traditional environment and aspects of Arabic culture with a fresh eye. It is their hope that this video will contribute to the understanding of the transitory and fragile nature of progress.

Lara's Website

Leonard Kuipers

(lives and works in Arnhem, The Netherlands)



Made throughout the world, connected by the static name of a simple compact camera. Fragments of the 'streets' of Youtube in the social 'landscape' of Internet. From I.S.I.S. protests to cockfights, funerals, stripteases, birthdays and failed selfies. In general my work finds its inspiration in the different habitats of man and I'm intrigued how one behaves compared to the space living in. In the proces of creating a work, I am led by questions. The longer I look and listen the more my subjects start to reveal itselfs. The milieus I find intruiging are often daily situations, where somethings happen which strike me in a certain way I cannot let go of. This can be the way light shines on peoples faces at a railway station, places where people ought to behave following unwritten social rules, or simply a beautiful masoned brick wall in the street that nobody notices. Often the proces I follow results in voyeuristic video or photography work. SDC10028 has arisen by chance when I wanted to upload a video on Youtube. I forgot to change the title of the clip. In the suggestion list of Youtube appeared several movies who all wore the same name. For hours I watched these movies, which often had 0 views, and hit me in the fact that many of these fragments are very intimate. The playlist I made, plays with the expectation of a kind homemade videos (clips where in things ought to go wrong) but that does not happen, what you see is what you get which are insights into families, groups of friends and everyday situations.

Leonard's website