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Starting with ‘Delivery’, ‘Blackmail’ is the second part of a collaborative project which documents an ongoing quest for attaining personal/existential freedom by exploring the idea of ‘inexchangeable inwardness’ through the example of the architectural uncanny and how the concept of action within the constructed reality of the video can be manifested. In this pursuit for subjectivity in existence, the concept of ‘outside and inside’ is explored suggesting that inner reality can only be perceived by the subject and inferred by those perceiving it as only a possibility.

The persona of the ‘blackmailer’ was conceived to articulate the inner critique that restricts the process of attaining creative and existential freedom. Through a variety of visual symbols and metaphors, references, suspense genre devices and philosophical suggestions, the central character of the film is pressed into a journey in order to recover the meaning of these occurrences only to discover the infinite fluctuations and dimensional reversals of an all-too tenuous reality. Therefore her aspiration for a freedom from such inner trappings leads to ever greater restrictions, implying the impossibility for resolution within the vicious circle of their recurring manifestations.