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'Blue is the Band’ is a short film that depends upon the chance encounter for its flavour, each scene documenting a single journey around the capital which captures a sort of ‘expected unexpectedness’ about human experience, hinting at the disingenuousness at the core of being. The film initially sets out to purposefully record what can neither be planned nor expected, but it is from the complications and contradictions inherent in this ‘expected unexpectedness’ that the film derives its dialogue, (which tips its hat ironically to Sartre’s ‘La Nausee’;) the protagonist describes how this malaise has begun, the way in which it has ‘come to be’, and also where he and ‘it’ are going. The destination proves ultimately beyond individuality, a place that cannotbe ‘chanced upon’ and which cannot be envisioned itself until individuality has been achieved and overstepped. The Nausea of existence is heightened by the snare of his ‘expected unexpectedness’, about the impossibility of an authentic life for himself, and he seeks an exit through the Nausea.