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This film presents a conjunction between two different records inspired by the prospect of a short stay in Rome. The first record was borne out of the question ‘How does one take an original photograph in this most photographed of cities?’ and the second comes from a letter written by a philosopher to his own future self which is to be read in ‘The Eternal City’. By combining these two separate enquiries we see a parallel emerge between the concepts of historical time and psychological time; an individual man’s future is defined amidst the ruins of Man’s past whilst, simultaneously, an individual man’s past leaps forward to seize upon and ruin the prospects of Man’s future. Therein we see footage of tourists taking their customary ‘I was there!’ photographs, unaware that the record of their ‘being-there’ has become ensnared in this complex ontological dispute concerning whether a man can ‘be-there’ in his own present, or whether he is forever pulled toward the ruins of regret or the ideals of anticipation. And due to this complication, we must also identify the ‘unheimlich’ within these images of Rome; for not only do they portray the ruins of past civilisation, but the future ruination of all civilisations.