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~ curated by Zach Hill ~



The 10th edition of [dis]Corporate Bodies presents works by queer male artists. They represent only a small demographic of the greater international queer community. Touching on themes that are more widely applicable: stardom, capitalism, rejection, gratitude, love, and loss as the works offer singular snapshots into past and present queer narratives. From an abusive relationship to a screaming female the “outlier” is presented as figure within a self-constructed, eccentric, and reflective world. When opening the can of worms that is the human experience, there is only one choice: leave it open.- Zach Hill


KALLISTO / video


Hudson Leick is a yoga teacher in LA who used to play Calisto, the arch nemesis of Xena; The Warrior Princess. Nowadays, other then teaching yoga she goes to Xena conventions and screams her signature Calisto scream. Our societies obsessive fandom has set up an arena where we can pay to see a beautiful women scream. Although the Xena fandom is probably one of the most progressive and feminist fandoms to date, it still exists under a veil of capitalism which is great because after you see Leick scream you can buy the t-shirt with a image of her screaming. Kallisto (a different spelling of Calisto) is a video exploring the idea of fandom and gratitude. With capitalism as a veil we can’t find the corners or edges to we queers adjust to make it our own wholes. A women screaming is and can be beautiful if she wants it and in this case she does and so do her sisters.

Zachary Hutchinson (b. 1991) is a interdisciplinary artist and programmer. His work is the result of a necessity to play, to collaborate with his friends as a way to cast a realm of possibility in which to act and choreograph our playing around identifying and scrambling the discursive signs of culture and identity that he is not comfortable inheriting. He comes to art through costume making, make up, traditional theater, video making and an obsessive attention to image and transgressive affect. He recently received his BFA at from SAIC and is a MFA candidate at UIC. He has had works shown in Montreal, Mexico City, San Francisco, Berlin and extensively in Chicago. His current project VideoVideoZine.com is a monthly user submitted archive of moving image work along side interviews with young artists and curated videos selections by established artists.

Zahary Hutchinson's Website


TRU~BLUU / video


“tru~bluu” is a video collage which seeks to conjure the spirits of artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Candy Darling, transgender model and actress of Warhol Superstardom. The visual backdrop is a direct appropriation of an existing Gonzalez-Torres work from 1979, while the audio components were sourced from a live recording of “True Blue” by music moniker Dirty Beaches in addition to clippings from an interview with Darling and Warhol. By adding a contemporary soundtrack to an otherwise unmusical artwork, vague narratives of love and loss are dragged through space, referencing the poetic tragedies of both artists and their fallen muses.

Chris Williford:
Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Chris Williford is a printmaker-illustrator who recently graduated with honors from the Maryland Institute College of Art.Working in print, illustration and other graphic media allows Chris to navigate a material tension between low and high-brow aesthetics. In his images and writings alike he often draws on themes of identity, portraiture, and queer melodrama. He is currently based in Dallas, Texas engaged with making works which reference youth culture and celebrities: past, present and self-declared.

Daniel Shultz:
Graphic designer and Suburban Pop musician Daniel Shultz performs under the alias Cute Door and is currently working on a series of images which explore the underlying and complex emotions tied to suburban culture. He is a senior at the Maryland Institute College of Art and lives and works in Baltimore.




3PM GHOST RUSH- Part 1 / video


“Are our lives location specific or do we experience the same amount of love and loss regardless of where we are?”

During a stroll through the graveyard two friends who recently graduated from college reconnect: one moved away while the other remained. As they compare their lives over the last four years they hatch up a fantastical and illogical plan to fuck destiny, spurring a series of events that may or may not be amendable.

3PM GHOST RUSH- Part 1 is the first installment in a two-part fiction about where we come from, where we are going, and what to do in the meantime.

Zach Hill is an artist, performer, and writer born in Upstate New York, raised in Lawrence, KS, and currently based in Milwaukee, WI. Hill received his BFA at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. 

Hill has shown in a variety of spaces from DIY to commercial and his live performances have existed in the streets, in auditoriums, and in galleries. He has been invited to produce work for Raw VS. Cooked at the Portrait Society Gallery, and participated in the live drawing event Monster Drawing Rally at Present Works. His writing has been featured in several publications such as the zine Elsewhere and book The Questions We Ask. Currently, Hill is a member of the collective After School Special.



THE WORM / video

NOT WANTED / video


NOT WANTED is part of a small series of digital collage and video art pieces made from Gay Porn Internet advertisements. The pieces speak for both the artist and the use of advertisements in the porn industry.

SCUM is a Brooklyn-based digital artist with a passion for making yer asshole cum. Using both found and independently produced pornographic imagery, SCUM creates digital collage and video art that blends the digital world (downloading, uploading, data, memory) with the physical world (penetration, ejaculation, fantasy).