[dis]CORPORATE BODIES: Undermining the Institution


The Unstitute is offering an opportunity for practitioners to contribute towards a radical new form of interactive archive which aims to subvert the notion of 'The Institution'.


The Unstitute proposes to forge new connections in anti-establishment thought and practise in its new interactive archive: [dis]Corporate Bodies. Individuals and groups are invited to create new works or select existing works which respond to the theme 'Under-Mining the Institution' - an activity which could involve plans, excavations, extractions, subversions, criticisms - by selecting an institution and actively mining the fabric upon which its 'institutional' structure rests. This could take the form of creating a subversive 'clone' of the target institution, a direct attack against an institution, an institutional satire or critique - the brief is only limited by the imagination and interest of the participants. Works can be of any kind - photographs, drawings, texts, plans, maps, audio, videos, diagrams, stories, games - so long as they can be presented in a HTML webpage.

Upon receipt of these responses to the brief, archivists at The Unstitute will piece-together these deterritorialised fragments into an interactive labyrinth which can be navigated and explored by visitors, deep in the underground recesses of The Unstitute's burrow-like structure.


[sub]missions to The [dis]Corporate Bodies project are free, inclusive and co-operative.

  • Please send a link to your video/s to theunstitute@gmail.com(preferably hosted by Vimeo or Youtubewith 'Submission' in the subject line
  • Please also send us a text about your practice or a link to your website/your projects online
  • Please also send us an image that we can use in social media should your work be selected
  • Please note that if selected, your video should not be password-protected for the duration of the screening
  • Successful applicants are strongly encouraged to engage with social media networks to make the overall effort a collaborative one

Depending on the smooth operation of our machinery, you will be contacted within two weeks with the outcome of your [sub]mission.

This is an ongoing open call with no closing date, and applicants may submit as many works as they wish. The selection criteria will be defined by your contributions, and will only come into being as the archive develops. If selected, your contribution will be credited and will form part of a rhizomatic structure embedded inside The Unstitute and promoted as part of our ongoing activity.

The Unstitute offers no financial support to contributors. The edifice exists only in temporary, dynamic structures which cluster, shift and concentrate according to the drive of contributors to experiment with establishment ideas. It exists as a defensive stronghold within the Internet.

The Unstitute
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